We highly recommend we meet before the wedding day and cover all details, schedule of the day, photography coverage timeline. 

We will visit the locations in advance so we can plan for best lighting, compositions and see all options before the big day. 

Typical wedding day photography schedule

* Groom getting ready coverage 1 hour
* Bride getting ready coverage 1 hour
* Ceremony
* Formal group shoot with the ceremony attending party
* Creative photo session with the Bride and Groom during the wedding day (we need you to plan for minimum 2 hours)
* Reception coverage throughout the evening when schedule allows.

*** Our must have requirement during the wedding day is to plan for a minimum 2 hours creative session with the Bride and Groom together and 1 hr getting ready sessions with the bride and groom separately. 

Pre-wedding engagement session

We highly recommend you to order the engagement session together with the wedding session. That is essential to know each other so on the wedding day you will no worry and happy memory for your most important day.

The engagement session will show your beauty, glamour and love for each other, will be the life long memory.

We style the pre-wedding engagement session by sending you wardrobe and styling inspiration that you can use to match your wardrobe for the shoot! We use our commercial advertising photography experience and will work with you the same way a professional commercial photo shoot is done from beginning to end!

Printed albums

Our couples receive one albums included in the #1 wedding package. The wedding album is the final goal and product. As time passes and wedding day memories fade, the album will be the living and glowing memory of your best day that will stay with you and coming generations. 

Our albums are hand made by one of the best maker in USA, you will receive the very best. We don't want your happy memory without a beautiful album.


Our crew

We work as a team of 2 photographers, and 2 videographers if needed.



On your wedding day it is important to have your photographer and videographer working well together and the most efficient use of your wedding day. Our videographers work seamlessly with us to create extraordinary cinematography coverage! Please check our cinematography portfolio and ask us about our cinematography collections offering!


What will you receive

Our #1 full package include the wedding album, hand made and printed in one of best wedding printing lab in USA with fine art quality which you will receive in two to three weeks after approving the layout. 
We also give you the high resolution images from the engagement and wedding day which are color corrected of your choice.
We are also offering fine art prints using your most preferred images from the engagement and wedding day.


We price our collections to offer the best value for your wedding! Our prices start as low as $2,000 and can be customized to your wedding. Contact us with your wedding details and will send you the pricing!

Our photography is not unaffordable nor cheap, as you want high quality creative results for your wedding. We believe to have the affordable world class photography that will stay with you forever!